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Bloodborne Gameplay part 2

Even more gameplay as we plug ever onward to completion. At the time of this post I’m finishing the last few bosses and will be ready to review shortly. We apologize about not having a MWP up this week, we had to delay due to technical issues but when we do we’ll be doing a blast from the past and visiting a familiar wasteland. Please look forward to it.


Final Fantasy XV: Preview


While there should have been a stream to accompany this preview, I must apologize because there is not (Edit, now there is!). This was due to a live stream error on the Xbox One. I’ll see if we can’t get something up later. I wasn’t going to let that get me down though, this is Final Fantasy XV we’re talking about here, most of us have been waiting to see this game for nearly a decade, so whats the verdict? Read on my friends, let us dissect this most recent fantasy.

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