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Bloodborne Review

Who put all these gnarled nightmare trees here? Does Home Depot have a Halloween themed garden department?

I have put off writing this review again, and again, and again. I did so because I was never certain I had seen everything. I’m still not certain, but I feel positive that I can talk about Bloodborne with some authority now. So how does what is perhaps Sony’s biggest release of the year stack up? Read further for our Bloodborne review to find out.

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Bloodborne Gameplay part 2

Even more gameplay as we plug ever onward to completion. At the time of this post I’m finishing the last few bosses and will be ready to review shortly. We apologize about not having a MWP up this week, we had to delay due to technical issues but when we do we’ll be doing a blast from the past and visiting a familiar wasteland. Please look forward to it.