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Destiny Review

destiny-logo-wallpapers_36550_1920x1080Destiny is Bungie’s first game release since their split from Microsoft during which they handed the reigns of Halo over to 343 Studios. It has been hyped for over a year to the point where at least two co-workers from my team took launch week off. It released earlier this month on September 9th, and after playing it for a few weeks I feel I’ve gotten an idea for the kind of game it is. Continue reading Destiny Review

Wolfenstein The New Order Review

Wolfenstein-The-New-Order-logoI picked up the newest Wolfenstein game for the Xbox One recently. It launched for PC and all consoles on May 20th of this year and I had heard some good things about it, so when I didn’t have much to play for my new Xbox One, I started to look into it. I had only played Return to Castle Wolfenstein back on the PC over a decade ago with a pirated copy. So beyond my knowledge that the game was a first person shooter, and it would involve killing Nazi’s, my information was limited. Continue reading Wolfenstein The New Order Review

Dark Souls II Review

Dark-Souls-2-Logo1Dark Souls II launched March 11th of this year, but it went unnoticed by me at the time. The first title was still collecting dust on the shelf, and it would be another month before I picked it up. Having run through the original title two full times with Ken and completing all the achievements, we started making arrangements to move onto the sequel. It would be several more weeks before we finally got some time devoted to it, but we did eventually get there. Continue reading Dark Souls II Review

Mario Kart 8 Review


The original Super Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo will always be one of the greatest games I played as a child. It kept me up until 3am every night at my cousins house that summer we were in South Dakota when I first played it. When my parents asked me whether I preferred the Sega Genesis or the Super Nintendo, it was the reason I said Super Nintendo (good call). It was my sister and my obsession that Christmas vacation when I finally got it, and when I returned to school, it was all I thought about. Continue reading Mario Kart 8 Review

Dark Souls Review


The game Dark Souls released on October 4th, 2011 and was the spiritual successor to the PS3 exclusive Demon Souls, though not a direct sequel. Ken had been very into Demon Souls and so he had been hyping up the launch of Dark Souls for a bit, though he could never seem to get me or anybody else interested. The game already had a reputation for being intentionally difficult, and while some players find that enjoyable, I have never been one of them. Continue reading Dark Souls Review

Batman: Arkham Origins Review


The latest game is the Arkham series has been sitting on my shelf for quite some time, but I finally managed to complete the game after almost seven months. I had trouble getting into the game when it launched. I finally returned to the title in earnest about two weeks ago intent on just plowing through the main story and getting it off my list. However as typically goes, achievements and collectibles pulled me down further into the game and I ended up putting in quite a few more hours than anticipated. Continue reading Batman: Arkham Origins Review

The Last of Us Review

thelastofusTyler and I finished up The Last of Us this week. We’ve been playing it since we last Sunday and not much else. We had been been interested in giving it a try for a while because it had been getting so many good reviews.

Having now played through the game once, it’s easy to see why it got Game of the Year. Graphically it is quite smooth which one would expect from a game at the tail end of the PS3s life cycle. As I wandered through all the abandoned houses and landscape I kept thinking to myself, “Fallout 4 better look this awesome.” Exploring old buildings in an apocalyptic waste land is something I’ve grown to love in the Fallout series, and The Last of Us has plenty of it. Continue reading The Last of Us Review

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Review

linkbetweenworldsThe newest Zelda title released two weeks ago for the 3DS, and I finally wrapped it up day before yesterday.  Before I proceed I should warn that this will contain spoilers. The game is designed as a sequel to the Super Nintendo title, A Link to the Past. The game takes a top-down approach like most of the handheld games. Don’t get me wrong, I love that play-style, but after seeing what the 3DS is capable of with Ocarina of Time 3D, it would have been really awesome to see a 3D style game using that or a similar engine. However, as Nintendo has shown us year after year, they are more interested in gameplay than graphics. In the case of A Link Between Worlds it has proven to be a great benefit and has made a very fun game. Continue reading The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Review

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Review

20130904164224!Assassin's_Creed_IV_Black_FlagI finished up my 100% Assassin’s Creed IV play though this week. It always amazes me how much fun I have with these games. This one in particular though is based around the Golden Age of Pirates in the Caribbean in the early 1700’s. It’s a time I have found fascinating since I first read about it at eight years old and started building pirate ships with my Lego’s. The games protagonist is Edward Kenway, Connor’s grandfather. I have found Edward’s character much more likeable than his grandson, and the game has felt all the better for it. While Connor would learn about all the things that were going on, but would still turn a blind eye except where it would concern his small village, Edward slowly grows over the game from a classic pirate interested only in lining his pockets, into a full fledged Assassin ready to stop the Templar’s at every turn. Continue reading Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Review