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Super Mario World Videos

With the impending release of the SNES Classic we have released several videos from Super Mario World for the SNES. It includes walkthroughs on clearing Star Road, all levels in the Special area, and all castles. Additionally it shows the location of all Switch Palaces and some tricks on getting unlimited free lives. You can see the whole playlist below.

Zelda: BOTW – Trial of the Sword Walkthrough

We have complete our video walkthrough for all 60 floors of the Trial of the Sword. It will show players what each floor includes, and provides some tricks and suggestions on best ways of dealing with some of the more difficult floors. There are three total sections, the Beginning Trials, Middle Trials, and Final Trials. Completing each section will permanently increase the Master Sword attack rating by 10. Completing all three will also cause the Master Sword to glow, just as it does when inside dungeons, or next to Guardians. This event is part of the first DLC pack, The Master Trials. The DLC will need to be purchased and installed before the trials are accessible. Check out the videos below:

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Zelda: BOTW – The Master Trials DLC New Item Locations

The release of the first DLC pack for Zelda: Breath of the Wild has added several new armor pieces, as well as a new medallion to allow players to set a single teleport location anywhere they choose on the map. When players first load the game after installing the DLC, they will have several quests automatically added to their menu to provide clues on where these items can be obtained. Most are in and around Hyrule Field. Each armor comes with a bonus stats. However,  the new armor items are restricted from being upgraded at a Great Fairy, so the armor ratings they have on them are as good as they will get. We have included videos below on how to find each new item.

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