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Five Nights at Freddy’s

Once again we grab Tyler to try on one of those new popular games that everyone is talking about. The video is great as usual, unfortunately I don’t think she’ll ever let me have her play it again. Get ready for nightmare at Chuck-E-Cheese’s.

Dark Souls pt. 2–_0

Part 2 of our adventure into Lordran takes us further into the undead burg. Tyler, is excited to see more colors than brown. Viewers at home will be excited to know that every ladder is accounted for.

This is Dark Souls.

Dark Souls

Tonight we enlisted the help of my beautiful wife Tyler for our video. Now, Tyler is no stranger to games, and has been playing them for over 15 years since her first Playstation. We still give her no end of grief for her love of Dino Crisis. However, she prefers to live inside her comfort zone of games and doesn’t often stray too far from her preferred genres. In our newest segment we are introducing her to games she would otherwise never have played, and we couldn’t think of a better place to start than Dark Souls. Let’s watch as she learns the ropes, and advances through the world of Lordran as a pacifistic warrior devoted wholly to peace.


Until the murder.