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Dota 2 Virgins

For our latest Gaming in the Evening, we invited some of our friends along to play Dota 2. We welcomed Aaron and James to the game to meet the 5 player team requirement. Tonight’s video is a little different than our usual fare in that none of us had ever played Dota 2 before. In fact, as we were starting the video most of us were launching the game for the first time. To make things even more interesting, this was actually the first MOBA some of us had played. Ken attempted to give us a crash course on the basic concept early in the video as we waited for our first match.

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World of Tanks: Debbie

In our latest Gaming in the Evening, we return to the World of Tanks. After reviewing tonight’s video, we’ve decided that watching Nick’s T95 inch across the field is boring so next time we’re going to try some tanks that can really move.


Risk of Rain


We went indie tonight and played a little 3-player Risk of Rain, and by a little I mean an hour. Risk of Rain is fun little 2d side scroll-er where the object is to collect loot to make yourself even more insanely dangerous, while the world around you just get’s crazier and crazier.

Tyler wins a Million fun bucks for winning tonight’s secret challenge: (Not being awful)

Gaming in the Evening

Hey everyone I’m Ken. I’ll be posting occasional reviews and other content on the site as well. Starting off I’ll be posting a few videos every week of what I’m playing. Some will be quick previews with commentary and others will just be me and some of the rest of our crew playing games. Today I’ve got a video of some of us shooting the shit and playing Final Fantasy XIV. We’re gearing up for Heavensward to launch here soon so don’t be surprised if you see more videos like this here (but better quality).